What Are the Top 5 Qualities of Good Academic Writing?

What Are the Top 5 Qualities of Good Academic Writing?

Do you seek to know the top features of academic writing? This article is for you. Academic writing in grammar is linear, meaning it has one theme or a central point where every part contributes to the vital line of argument, without repetitions or digressions. Professional academic writer's objectives are to give information rather than entertain. Again academic writing is different from a personal essay. It has some separate guidelines and sets of rules.


Academic writing is laborious since it tackles a more legal perspective towards writing. Additionally, it has a concept where all the content is relevant to a single topic without unnecessary repetition of facts, ramblings, and opinions. For this reason, academic writing services are judged on several qualities. I will discuss a few of them below.

1. Developing


In your writing, you should make your content clear by presenting your ideas concisely and clearly and avoiding redundancy or ambiguity. The more you practice writing will make it easier to achieve this and start developing confidence in your writing skills. As you write the thesis, adopt these basic rules.


  • Avoid exceedingly long sentences
  • Use punctuation correctly
  • Avoid using complicated words where simple ones will do
  • Use paragraphs to divide your text into reasonably self-contained units


Your thesis should have systems of signposts to guide the readers through it. These are things that implicitly or explicitly tell your readers what to look for. Signposts appropriate for your thesis are:


  • Well written abstract
  • An introductory section for the thesis
  • Introductory paragraph for every chapter
  • A consistent system of sub-headings and headings
  • An elaborate table of contents


Remember, your thesis is conveying a story, your authentic contribution to enlightenment in your discipline. Finally, the readers will expect you to accurately and thoroughly reference your view. However, if you still don't have the confidence to develop your paper, you can hire academic writingservices.


2. Coherence

Coherence can be achieved when ideas and sentences flow and are connected smoothly. An article that lacks coherence inhibits the reader's ability to comprehend the essay's main points and ideas. Coherence enables the reader to go through the paper smoothly from one notion to the next, one sentence to another, and from one passage to the next. There are several ways to achieve coherence in your writing:


  • Use repetition to connect sentences, ideas, and paragraphs: Repeating phrases and keywords helps link and focus thoughts throughout the article. It also allows the readers to remain focused and to move in the proper direction.
  • Using pronouns to connect sentences: Pronouns are used in linking sentences alluding to preceding pronouns and nouns. Pronouns also help create easy to read paragraphs by eliminating unnecessary repetition and wordiness.
  • Using transitional words to link paragraphs, ideas, and sentences: Transitional expressions like therefore, besides, and because are used to build relationships between paragraphs, sentences, and ideas. They serve as directives to inform the reader that the previous section, sentence, or idea is linked to what follows. The best academic writing service can write a coherent essay for you if you are experiencing writing problems.


3. Creativity


Academic writing is everything about rules –thesis statement, structure, supporting arguments, grammar, topic sentence, and citations. You may ask, how does creativity come into it? The answer is, from the start to the end. There are countless ways of presenting thoughts and ideas within an academic paper's structure. After developing a thesis with firm supporting arguments, you get your paper's framework.


Recounting personal experiences can improve your essay by making it exciting for your readers. It also enables you to illustrate your comprehension of the subject by linking it to your life. Additionally, using metaphors and similes is an excellent way of creating your arguments visual image; thus, helping it stick in your reader's mind. If you want to find a perfect word or you are worried about repetition, you can use a thesaurus to help you develop, grow, cultivate and expand your vocabulary.


However, creativity is not a substitute for your paper's overall argument. Building a strong structure and foundation is integral to quality academic writing. Therefore, if you have a well-stated and logical idea, your professor will appreciate your creativity in capturing your reader's attention. But you may often lack time to exercise your creativity in academic writing. In such moments consider employing academic writing services.



Focus is the main point, guiding principle, or controlling idea of your writing. Strong writing should have a clear direction with related and secondary ideas placed to support or supplement it. A writer doesn't have focus at the start of their writing process.


But they find and refine it through drafting, revision, and exploration. There isn't an exact method for finding focus in your writing. However, you can ask yourself some questions to help you check your guide like:


  • What's most important?
  • What is my assignment asking me to do?


5. Unity

Unity in writing means that every paragraph has one main idea shown in topic sentences, and every other detail and line in that paragraph revolves around that particular main idea. The relationship between the paragraph's main idea and the paper's thesis should be clear. Again delete sentences that don't support your main idea. Alternatively, you can choose to revise your main statement to add those sentences.



I'm confident this write-up has shed some light on the qualities of good academic writing. Apply them in your essays and assignments and watch your grades rise. However, most students are overwhelmed with complicated researching projects, endless lectures, and lack of time.


Hence, most of them wonder, "how do I cope with these tasks"? Academic writing services can offer professional help with your academic papers and make your college life less stressful and exciting. The top writing service in the industry is premiumgradeessays. Contact us for all your educational needs and let our expert writers handle them.  

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