Top 100 Chemistry Topics For College Students

Organic Chemistry Topics for Research

  1. Isomerism types in organic compounds
  2. Define and explain what nucleophiles are
  3. Define and explain what aniline dyes are
  4. What is nucleic acids stability?
  5. Define and explain the oil
  6. Describe the production of hydrocarbon fuel
  7. Define and describe electrophiles
  8. Phenol as a form of acid- Explain
  9. Explain the formation of globular proteins
  10. What is snow pollution?- Explain how dangerous it is

Inorganic Chemistry Topics

  1. Define NaCI salty
  2. Explain the formation of sapphires
  3. Explain the Multiple Proportions Law
  4. Explain different states of matter
  5. How are organic materials affected by sulfuric acid?
  6. Why do solar cells use silicon dioxide?
  7. Explain the importance of inorganic chemistry
  8. Explain Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures
  9. Discuss the Lewis Structures and the Electron Dot Models
  10. How do organic compounds differ from inorganic compounds?

The Most Interesting Chemistry Topics

  1. Explain how photocatalysis works in a 3D printer
  2. Fritz Haber- Who was he?
  3. Explain why glow sticks glow
  4. Define and explain what nanoreactors are in chemistry
  5. Californium- What is it?
  6. Explain the process of freezing air
  7. Explain how the sun burns yet it does not use oxygen
  8. Why is Sodium Azide used in car airbags?
  9. What color is oxygen gas?
  10. Explain the formation of dry ice

Amazing General Chemistry Topics

  1. Explain how batteries are made
  2. What is a thermoelectric material?
  3. How can farmers avoid using pesticides?
  4. Explain the expansion of water upon freezing
  5. How are pesticides made?
  6. Explain the replication of synthetic molecules
  7. Explain Thermodynamics Laws implications
  8. Define cholesterol
  9. Explain how vitamins act in the body
  10. Define and describe steroids

Chemistry Research Paper Topics for Undergraduates

  1. Explain how military applications use nanophotonics
  2. Explain the effect of the chemical equilibrium
  3. Describe the use of hydrogen in the discovery of oxygen
  4. Explain the development of an allergy
  5. Describe surface tension and its applications
  6. Discuss the ionization methods for the mass spectrometry process
  7. Explain how lithium can be stabilized
  8. What is used to make food dyes- Explain
  9. Lewis Structure study
  10. Explain why Ibuprofen is considered dangerous

Chemistry Research Topics for High School

  1. Analyze the effect of PH on planets
  2. Explain the creation of pearls
  3. Explain the growth of artificial diamonds
  4. Explain how tea brewing can be optimized
  5. Explain how heavy metals are detected in plants
  6. Analyze the air that humans breathe
  7. Why is the use of petroleum products dangerous?
  8. Explain the barium toxicity
  9. Explain how chemistry can benefit indoor plants
  10. Explain how oil can be cleaned effectively

The Best Topics in Current Chemistry

  1. Explain how acid rain affects animals and plants
  2. Explain how bad plastic packaging is and how it influences food quality
  3. How are human allergies influenced by chemicals?
  4. How do soft drinks affect the human body?
  5. What is the connection between makeup products and chemistry?
  6. Define organic food- Is it safe for human consumption?
  7. What is the influence of chemicals on long-distance product delivery?
  8. Define radon- What health risks does it pose and how can it be prevented in buildings?
  9. Describe the inventions of the scientist who contributed the most in chemistry
  10. Are all vitamins important to the body?- Explain some of the disadvantages of vitamins

Chemical Engineering Topics for Research

  1. Explain the wastewater treatment process
  2. Rocket fuel and biofuels- Explain their similarities and differences
  3. What are nano filters and how do they work?
  4. Explain microfluidics
  5. Explain rare earth extractions
  6. Discuss iron and coal slimes processing
  7. What is Nox emissions reduction?
  8. Explain the molecular dynamics & simulation
  9. What are nanofiltration systems and how do they work?
  10. Explain the simulation of the density functional theory

Great Physical Chemistry Topics

  1. Explain vibrational spectroscopy
  2. Discuss chemistry and quantum mechanics
  3. What is electronic spectroscopy?
  4. Discuss multielectron atoms
  5. Discuss the Schrodinger Equation
  6. Explain applications in Kinetics
  7. Discuss the Entropy laws
  8. Describe the major gas properties
  9. Discuss the harmonic & anharmonic oscillator
  10. Explain heteroatomic or chemical bonding

Biochemistry Topics

  1. Explain fatty acids metabolism
  2. Explain the structure and role of proteins
  3. What is enzymes kinetics?
  4. Describe the cell metabolism processes
  5. Explain the DNA replication & repair processes
  6. Discuss the analysis of nucleic acid
  7. Describe the structure & role of carbohydrates
  8. What role do lipids play in biological systems?
  9. Explain the special properties that water has
  10. What is the function of protein- Explain its key principles

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