The Best 75 Chemistry Topics for Research

Organic Chemistry Research Topics

  1. The types of isomerism in organic compounds.
  2.  What are nucleophiles?
  3.  What are aniline dyes?
  4.  The stability of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA)
  5.  Describe what an oil is.
  6.  How is hydrocarbon fuel produced?
  7.  What are electrophiles?
  8.  Describe phenol as an acid.
  9.  How are globular proteins formed?
  10.  What is an organosilicon compound?
  11.  How dangerous is snow pollution?

Chemistry Research Topics for High School

  1. Analyzing the PH effect on plants.
  2. How are pearls created?
  3. Growing artificial diamonds.
  4. How to optimize the brewing of tea?
  5. How do we detect heavy metals in plants?
  6. Analyzing the air we breathe.
  7. The dangers of using petroleum products.
  8. Natural versus synthetic detergents.
  9. Explain barium toxicity.
  10. How can indoor plants benefit from chemistry?
  11. How do you clean oil effectively?

Chemistry Research Topics for College

  1. The hidden dangers of tap water.
  2. How did Dmitri Mendeleev discover the Periodic Table?
  3. How harmful are electronic cigarettes?
  4. Analyzing the water memory effect.
  5. What’s in the first aid kit?
  6. The effects of carboxylic acids on humans.
  7. How can you freeze water fast?
  8. Analyzing anti-icing solutions on airports.
  9. The classification of chemical reactions.
  10. What is a covalent polar bond?
  11. How does water purification work?

Inorganic Chemistry Research Topics

  1. Why is NaCl salty?
  2. How are sapphires formed?
  3. Explain the Law of Multiple Proportions.
  4. Explain the various states of matter.
  5. The effect of sulfuric acid on organic material.
  6. Why is silicone dioxide used in solar cells?
  7. The difference between organic and inorganic compounds.
  8. Why is inorganic chemistry important?
  9. Discussing Lewis Structures and Electron Dot Models.
  10. Explain Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressures.

Chemistry Research Topics for Undergraduates

  1. How do we use hydrogen to discover oxygen?
  2. How does an allergy develop?
  3. What is surface tension? Any applications?
  4. Discussing the ionization methods used in the mass spectrometry process.
  5. How can one stabilize lithium?
  6. What are food dyes really made of?
  7. A study of the Lewis Structure.
  8. Why is Ibuprofen considered dangerous?
  9. Explaining the chemical equilibrium effect.
  10. How are nanophotonics used in military applications?

Most Interesting Chemistry Research Topics

  1. How does photocatalysis work in 3D printers?
  2. Who was Fritz Haber?
  3. What are nanoreactors in chemistry?
  4. Why do glow sticks glow?
  5. What is Californium?
  6. Why does the Sun burn without the need for oxygen?
  7. How do you freeze air?
  8. Why is there Sodium Azide in car airbags?
  9. How is dry ice made?
  10. What is the color of oxygen?

Easy Chemistry Topics

  1. Why does water expand upon freezing?
  2. What are pesticides made of?
  3. How are batteries made?
  4. Describe a thermoelectric material.
  5. How can we avoid pesticides?
  6. How do synthetic molecules replicate?
  7. What are the implications of the Thermodynamics Laws?
  8. What is cholesterol?
  9. How do vitamins act in the human body?
  10. Why is aspirin a pain killer?
  11. What are steroids?
  12. The process of recycling plastics.

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