Secrets for writing a killer essay

                       Secrets for writing a killer essay

Over a long time, Prime Quality Essays, the best research paper writing service in town has offered readable and engaging essays. Readers, on the other part, have been eagerly and willingly reading these essays. Despite common stereotypes that essay writing is a hustle and for selected people, it is possible to write essays that grab readers' attention and that people enjoy reading. This article will equip you with the secrets of writing killer essays that we apply at Prime Quality Essays and that makes us arguably the best essay writing service in the USA. Our standards always leave our readers craving for more essays.


Select a suitable topic

The topic you write about has a central influence on your entire essay. The instructor could provide the topic, or you may be required to research and come up with a topic of your choice. It may be challenging to choose a topic for yourself, especially when it comes to choosing between narrow and broad topics. However, this gives you the freedom to choose a topic that best suits your interest. When choosing a topic for an essay, it is important to find a purpose for your essay. Ask yourself what it is that you want your essay to address. Once you answer that question, the next step is thinking about fascinating ideas for your essay; note down those ideas as they flow through your mind.

 Evaluate the topic you have and choose the best that aligns the best with your essay's purpose. It is crucial to note that if you don't care about your topic, your reader won't. Preceding your writing by spending enough time researching the topic is highly recommended; the more you know about your topic, the more you enjoy writing about it, making your idea flow easy to flow. Good writing always springs from sincerity, and thus faking passion will always be easily noticed. Writing good essays starts with having some things that you care about. You must have some areas of interest that matter to you, ideas that distract you from your daily responsibility and things that get your blood boiling anytime they are mentioned.

Outline ideas about the topic

How you organize your thoughts is vital in the flow of your ideas in the essay and its impact on your reader. Moreover, it will be easier to transfer the ideas from your mind to the paper. Once you have an outline, it will be easier and more convenient for you to set up a foundation for the essay. This outline can be in the format of a diagram that illustrates the flow and connection between all the essay ideas. Each idea needs to be linked directly to the main topic uniquely for every idea. This outline provides you with a clear picture of how your essay turns out to be.

Write a strong thesis statement

A good and strong thesis statement should have two parts. The first part is about the main topic of your essay, while the second part mentions the essay's intention. The thesis statement is written just after choosing which topic you will write about and organizing your thoughts and ideas. It informs the reader what the essay is all about the main ideas drawn in the beginning should be used to formulate the thesis statement. The strategic position to place the thesis statement should be towards the end of your essay's introduction.

Create a captivating introduction


An introduction plays a very vital role in an essay. It determines whether the reader will continue reading the essay or just leave it at that. The introduction should be very captivating to the reader and instantly draw him in to continue the rest of the essay. There are various techniques you can use to ensure your introduction catches your reader's full attention and interest.

 Starting the introduction with a quote gives the essay a kick, making the reader want to continue reading more. Beginning with a story or dialogue also grabs the full attention of the reader. Depending on your essay's nature, beginning with known statistics gives the reader confidence that you are familiar with the essay topic and makes them want to read more into the essay.

The body of the essay 


The essay body should not be less than three paragraphs. Additionally, each paragraph should consist of at least three sentences that are well structured and enough to explain your point fully. Your focus should be entirely on the plan you have for developing the ideas in the essay. Each point you list should be a topic on its own.

 You should explain your point in-depth, describe and argue out your point. At the start, you should write a catchy introductory phrase or sentence to introduce the reader to your topic. Follow this with statements and facts supporting your topic and if necessary, include examples that touch your topic. It is very important always to ensure the information is correct and up to date.

Ensure smooth transitions

The best essay writing service in Canada emphasizes having a smooth transition between paragraphs to make the essay easily readable and understandable. To prevent much jerkiness during the reading of your essay, use simple phrases, words or thoughts. The ability to pass and communicate your ideas reasonably and believably is vital for a successful essay.

Be creative and engaging

the common assumption that all good essays must be boring is a vague idea, and it, in most cases, leads to failure. In writing a superb essay, you should not shy away from being creative and engaging, you should write an essay that you would yourself enjoy reading, starting from the style of your essay to the content. While writing the essay, imagine your essay having a broader readership and keep your audience in mind. This will compel you to a good tone and style that wins over your readers' attention.

Use active verbs that are lively.

In any piece of writing, verbs play a major role in bringing out the liveliness of the piece. In essay writing, vivid, active verbs bring in the required vitality. Verb choice is equally essential to essay writing as it is in other forms of creative writing, such as narratives. Always populate your phrases and sentences with vivid and lively verbs and avoid passive sentences unless when necessary. This makes your writing lively and interesting to read.

Create a good conclusion

Your essay's conclusion provides an end to the topic while also summarizing the ideas you have discussed in your essay. Moreover, you should provide your approach and perspective on the subject of the essay.


Writing a good essay should be a simple task with these secrets unveiled. Always selecting a suitable topic, and having a strong thesis statement is crucial. Nevertheless, creating a catchy introduction and organizing the body wall is the key to success. Always ensure a smooth transition between paragraphs and be creative and original.

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