How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

Want to know how to write a cause and effect essay? You are on the right page. What is a cause-and-effect article? It's a type of argumentative writing which details the effect of the relationship between two subjects. Hence most online class help services are conversant with this aspect of a cause and effect essay


 In standard cause-and-effect academic papers and essay writing, the author presents how one thing, person, event, or idea directly influences another thing, person, event, or idea. In school environments, instructors assign cause-and-effect essay assignments to teach logic, persuasive writing, and critical thinking.


For this reason, most students request to take my online class for me.  In a professional setting or academic writing world, these types of essays take the format of scientific case studies, scholarly research papers, or lab report abstracts. In each of these formats, the author explains the phenomenon of trying to identify its fundamental causes. Take a look at these steps on how to write a cause-and-effect essay.


1. Make Your List of Topics

Unless your professor has assigned you a particular topic for your cause-and-effect essay, the good news is you are free to pick one. But the lousy report is you have to come up with one, which will take some effort. However, you can reach out to the best essay writing services in Canada to help you come up with an excellent topic. The best way of choosing your case is by making a list.


2. Choose Your Topic

After making your list, it's time to select the one you want to write about. Pick a topic, you know. For instance, the closure of your best food joint might be closer to your heart, although it may be harder for you to write a whole essay about it. Is it possible to know why it closed? What's the effect other than missing their food?


But if you are confident you can investigate and do an excellent job on this topic, then you can go for it. Or else choose something else. Again, it's best to pick a topic you are interested in.  This makes the essay fun to write and most likely interesting to read.


3. Brainstorm to pick cause or effect

Choose the angle you will write from once you've picked your topic: That is the cause or effect angle. For example, you may choose the legalization of same-sex marriage. Then you can decide to assess either the effects or the causes. It may not be immediately evident the best angle to take. Therefore, to choose a tip, try a straightforward exercise:


  • Make a couple of lists, one for effects and another one for causes
  • Write down every possible effect of gay marriage legalization
  • Write down every cause of gay marriage legalization


Which list appears more familiar or complete to you? Which one of them feels like it's easier to write? Then that's the angle you should choose.


4. Conduct the Research

 Now you are ready to research after choosing your angle and topic. Choose credible sources when researching. These should be those written by your topic's experts, not unverifiable sources or personal blogs. Bear in mind that the amount of research you do will determine the success of your essay.


As you study the topic more, you will discover common questions and trends that seem to be debated about your case, which shall help write your thesis. But if you can't handle it, you can buy essays online Canada.


5. Craft Your Thesis

Your thesis statement should address the question: why must I be mindful of this topic? For instance, if you pick the closing down of your best food joint, the thesis statement should not be personal:


  • My favorite food joint was shut down; I'm so sad since I miss their food.


Instead, it should convince people who haven't been there to experience the significance of its closure. For instance:


  • The growth of large-scale businesses like Wendy's, McDonald's, and Burger King makes it difficult for smaller-scale enterprises to compete, which results in the shutting of small operations, thus giving lesser choices to the customer.


This shows your readers why they ought to care about the shutting down of the food joint. It also acts as a springboard leading you into the juicy part of your research; thus, letting your readers know the lessons they should expect to learn after reading your paper. You can also request help from the term paper writing service if you are busy with other engagements.


6. Write an Outline

Your cause-and-effect essay's outline depends on the added instructions your instructor assign. But they often require students to craft a five-paragraph where the draft would be:


  • Introduction paragraph:  this is where you introduce the topic and state the thesis.
  • First supporting paragraph: This is where you debate a second idea, which helps your thesis.
  • Second, supporting paragraph: here, you discuss the second idea supporting your thesis.
  • Antithesis section: In this paragraph, you entertain the opposition's argument. For example, if you pick global warming, you will write about how various people deny its existence.
  • The conclusion: In your closing paragraph, you can restate your thesis to present any thoughts or ideas for further research on the same topic.


7. Write the First Draft

After doing your outline and research, writing the first draft will be relatively easy. Allow yourself some time to edit through your first and second drafts. Ensure you have the space of a day between writing and editing your first draft.


 This will enable you to spot errors in logic, grammar, and other issues that may prevent your cause and effect essay from flowing smoothly.


Wrapping Up

As seen in this write-up, cause-and-effect essays are structured around the objective of discussing and discovering events leading to particular results. Before writing this type of paper, ensure that you've researched specific causes and you are confident that you will demonstrate why they come to specific outcomes.


You may choose to focus on all effects, causes, or both. You may also opt to contact Premium Grade Essays to write you a top-notch cause-and-effect essay.



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