Great Dissertation Topics in Architecture

Interesting Architecture Dissertation Topics

  1. How to know what the right number of restrooms is when building a large, public venue.
  2. Redefining a city through architecture.
  3. Maximizing small spaces: all there is to know.
  4. Building for the family: privacy and closeness.
  5. Cathedrals: using the new world’s budget to recreate the old world.
  6. Discuss the difference in the design of houses in cold climates and warm climates.
  7. Explain some benefits of using technological models in architectural diagrams.
  8. Provide an accurate description of an architectural model that would be appealing to a religious client.
  9. Discuss the nature of middle-class architecture and its place in modern society.
  10. Include elements of famous architects without copying their work.
  11. Getting people to move through energizing architecture.
  12. Architecture and the family. The need for closeness and privacy
  13. Cathedrals: Recreating the old world on a new world budget

Research Topics in Modern Design

  1. Multicultural Architecture in the Urban Landscape
  2. Trends of Environmental Technology in Residential Structures
  3. Developing Commercial Projects for IoT
  4. Evaluating Design in Municipal Structures
  5. Creative Designs in the Modern Era
  6. Maximizing Resources and Space with Accessibility
  7. Minimalist Design in Compact Areas
  8. Methods of Mitigating Damage from Natural Disaster
  9. Methods of Pre-fabricated Design
  10. Features of Portable Housing Units

Sustainable Architecture Topics 

  1. Applications of Hemp in Building Structure
  2. Retrofitting Inefficiency with Existing Buildings
  3. Building in Response to Climate Change
  4. Micro-Construction for the Future
  5. Creating Self Sufficient Structures
  6. Calculating Solar Panel Output with Planning
  7. Determining Optimal Insulation R-Values
  8. Principles of Net Zero Design
  9. Reducing A Structure’s Carbon Footprint
  10. Heating and Cooling Systems with Renewable Energy

Trending Topics in Landscape Design

  1. Planning for Water Scarcity and Droughts
  2. Maximizing Green Space in Residential Designs
  3. Managing Flood Zones with Climate Change
  4. Revitalizing Landscapes
  5. Reducing Development Risks with Wildlife
  6. Principles of Urban Agriculture
  7. Optimizing Drainage for Water Conservation
  8. Child-Friendly Landscapes
  9. Retaining Green Cities in Periods of Growth
  10. Efficient Public Infrastructure

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