Common mistakes to avoid when writing scholarly papers.

Common mistakes to avoid when writing scholarly papers.

A good research paper needs to be presented in clear and concise language and must contain accurate facts. Prime Quality Essays, the best research paper writing service in the market, presents papers written in an academic and professional format that depicts significant findings and answers critical questions. We commit a lot of hard work and dedication to researching before writing a research paper. This is what makes us the best essay writing service in the USA.

When writing a research paper, some common errors and mistakes happen and drastically reduce the entire research's credibility and accuracy. This article will highlight the common errors that occur during research writing and how best to avoid them.

Chaotic structure.

Make sure your paper is structured correctly, with the introduction, background, methodology, findings and conclusion all placed systematically. Make sure writing is smooth and in an easy to understand format that doesn’t complicate things.

A Chaotic structure can be caused by mixing topics and their content, like including methods in the place of your results. It would be best if you took your time to clearly outline your research paper before you begin to write. Keep in mind what each section needs to accomplish.

Using complex language.

You should avoid complex sentences and too many technical words. Avoid obvious grammatical errors. Ensure that your sentences are complete, they make sense, and you have verb and subject agreement. Think from the reader's perspective and keep your tone as simple as possible. This will help retain the reader's interest in your paper. Don’t go overboard with the writing and avoid being redundant.

Vague research question.

While choosing a research topic, be very clear about the question it is going to answer. A clearly stated research question helps you organize the information that should be included in your paper. Your paper should be focused and to the point as much as possible. You should not deviate from your research points at any part of the paper and keep each section direct and to the point. If you have two research topics, address each on a different paper.

Unanswered research question.

The research question allows for the most freedom and can also be the most challenging section to write. Before handling this section, go back to the research question and think about how you want to answer it. Revisit it frequently while writing the discussion.


Insufficient background research.

The best essay writing services in Canada are the best because they insist that background reading is essential before beginning your research to narrow down on a topic. Not doing sufficient background work in choosing a topic results in the whole paper coming out sloppy and unfocused. Make sure you find as much as you can about the subject you are researching, and then choose a specific topic and frame a question accordingly.

Not proofreading your paper.

Proofreading your paper is like going through the paper once or twice after you have completed writing it. It is meant to check the points that need to be edited, add, or remove. As a writer, you should peruse the paper before submitting; do a spell check, check if the grammar is correct and appropriate, ensure everything is in order and that the written content is sensible and adequate to justify the research. Proofreading ensures your essay has less to no mistakes because they are mostly identified and corrected; this reduces imperfections and the weaknesses that may be displayed if the paper has so many mistakes.

Improper paper citation.

Citations are essential to ensure your research's credibility, and without proper citation, your article can easily be dismissed as unreliable and plagiarized. You should be informed about the requested citation format and focus on citing all sources properly. You should make sure that you list each reference in the text.

Remember to provide references and citations for every statistic or fact that you mention in you research paper. When you cite your work, you allow those reading your work to locate your sources in order to learn more about the ideas that you include in your paper. It is also a way of giving credit to authors of the words or ideas that you incorporate into your paper.

Making the paper unnecessarily lengthy.

Readers get bored easily when they see that your paper is extremely long, it diminishes their morale and most times don’t read your work. Due to this, you should make sure you always stick to the point in your research paper and only provide information necessary to prove your hypothesis or defend your findings. You should try not to exceed the given word or page limit because a very long article puts off the reader. You should make sure your paper is short and brief to motivate the reader and encourage them to read.





Not backing up your arguments with evidence.

For every argument you make, you should back up with evidence. When you state your own opinions or observations on a subject, make sure it is backed up with your own findings or with existing previous research. This is like supporting your own findings.


Not acknowledging limitations to the study.

Every study will have its limitations no matter how well you think this through and dedicate time to research. You must acknowledge limitations to accomplish something with your research. Readers will want to learn about your limitations, ways you can improve your research and implications the limitations have on your research. The reader will not trust a paper that doesn’t speak of ways that can improve the situation. The reader will be interested in the papers limitations especially if there is something they can do to explore the field even deeper. Including limitations shows a thorough evaluation of your methods and result.

Poor connection.

Everything in your research paper has to be connected right from the topic introduction of the research to the conclusion. Your thesis statement needs to have a connection with supporting arguments and statements. Your paragraphs should be linked throughout the work. Every argument you make must be linked to the research question it is answering. When you ar checking your work, make sure every piece of data you gathered through research is connected with the paper. This keeps the relevant of your work.


To write a good scholarly paper, you must try to avoid these common mistakes that always occur. Having an organized structure, a valid research question and doing sufficient background research is key. Moreover proofreading your paper, having the proper citations and acknowledging your limitations makes an excellent paper.

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