Auditing Dissertation Topics

The disparity between the progress in Audit assurance when compared to financial statement ambiguities- an exploratory research.

An exploration into the type of audit services provided through private audit consultancy firms in the UK.

How do internal audits help in management of compliance risk? Evidence from the UK.

An investigation into the Audits of offshore supply chain management enterprises.

The effect of internal auditing on financial reporting: internal bias or total compliance? A review.

A review of the audits of public limited companies- evidence from XXX.

Has the audit explosion in the past decade led to quality audits or biased unprofessionalism? A systematic review.

The efficacy of public sector audits in healthcare for provision of better healthcare management and service- myth or reality?

An investigative research on financial audits of non-profit organizations- the case of YMCA, USA.

A comparative analysis of the internal auditing function in a ‘for profit’ organization versus ‘non-profit’ organization.

How successfully has the recommendation of audit firm rotation, mandated under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002) been implemented in the US?

Does consistent hiring of audit firms for lengthy tenures affect their professional capability? A systematic investigation.

How credible do external creditors and investors find internal audit reports of American companies?

A review of the financial reporting audits of the last decade that led to disastrous repercussions for the world economy.

Globalization of auditing standards- an investigative analysis.

Audits across borders- the challenges for multinational audits.

Certified Public Auditors- how big is the gap between theoretical academic constructions and professional excellence?

A review of the auditing profession in China.

A discussion on the determinants of Auditor professionalism and expertise.

How does an auditor’s experience serve to gain an understanding of business knowledge of firms being audited?

A comparative analysis of the quality of audit disclosures between developed and emerging economies.

What does current literature reveal about scepticism in auditing? A global analysis.

How can the application of Artificial Intelligence impact audit quality? Analysis of ongoing debates.

The role of professional judgment on auditor behaviour during an organisational-professional conflict- a qualitative investigation from the UK.

How does external auditing impact ethical behaviour of senior management? A review.

Finding a common thread between different global accounting and auditing scandals.

Auditing challenges in Fair Value measurements in the UK- an investigation.

How does continuous auditing impact organisational functioning? A qualitative investigation.

Compatibility challenges faced by Islamic institutions in a conventional auditing environment- a qualitative survey of Islamic institutions in the UK.

Fraud detection in a digital environment- an exploration of prospects and challenges.

How does the inclusion of key audit matters on financial statements impact the organisation and its social image? Evidence from the UK.

A study of the auditing differences between public and private enterprises in the UK.

How do internal audit functions in Nigerian banks impact fraud practices and detection rates? A quantitative survey.

An analysis of auditing in Islamic financial institutions- synthesis of the literature.

Are the impacts of outsourced internal audit operations similar to in-house department functioning? A review.

How do global legal environments impact auditor behaviour? Synthesis of literature.

An evaluation of organisational environmental impacts on the adoption of International Standards on Auditing in the UK- a review.

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