Art Topics

1. History Art Topics

  1. Egyptians used the same art canon for 3000 years. Why?
  2. The history and techniques used in printmaking.
  3. What is the philosophy of art? Explain the relationship between art and philosophy.
  4. African countries and the return of cultural property post World War II.
  5. Discuss primeval musical instruments.
  6. Stained glass in Medieval France.
  7. Venetian carnival masks and their history.
  8. Human sacrifice in Mayan culture and its depiction in art.

2. Art Topics On Artist Bibliography

18th century

  1. William Blake
  2. Francisco Goya
  3. J. M. W. Turner
  4. Samuel Morse
  5. Jacques-Louis David
  6. Eugene Delacroix
  7. Thomas Gainsborough
  8. Mikhail Lomonosov
  9. John James Audubon
  10. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

19th century

  1. Vincent Willem Van Gogh
  2. Claude Manet
  3. Gustav Klimt
  4. Rabindranath Tagore
  5. Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse
  6. Hilaire Germain Edgar
  7. Auguste Renoir
  8. Georges Seurat
  9. Alfred Sisley
  10. Edgar Degas

20th century

  1. Louise Bourgeois
  2. Marcel Duchamp
  3. Frida Kahlo
  4. Pablo Picasso
  5. Judy Chicago
  6. Cindy Sherman
  7. Andy Warhol
  8. Henry Spencer Moore
  9. Georgia Totto O'Keeffe
  10. Alberto Giacometti

3. Art Topics On Different Epochs

The 18th century was an era of lavish architecture and musicians

  1. Influence of industrial revolution of art development.
  2. Late Baroque architecture.
  3. Rococo interior design.
  4. Importance of Denis Diderot's critiques for the French art in the 18th century.
  5. Neoclassicism sculpture: combination of new and old ideas.

The work of the artist's of the 19th century

  1. Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night and its colorists.
  2. Why is the carving of the Veiled Virgin by Giovanni Strazza so special?
  3. How were the Victorian beauty standards portrayed in their art?
  4. Monet's Sunrise: what is so special about the light?
  5. Dancing paintings by Edgar Degas.

20th century movements

  1. Art Deco and Art Nouveau: similarities and differences.
  2. Surrealism in Salvador Dali's sculptures.
  3. Basic principles of futurism.
  4. Frida Kahlo's paintings and the most commonly used symbol in them.
  5. Techniques used in Jackson Pollock's art?
  6. The Kiss by Gustav Klimt: discuss its styles.
  7. Jasper Johns Flag: realistic and artificial motifs.

4. Art Therapy Topics

  • Art therapy as an industry.
  • Art Therapy a Form of Psychotherapy.
  • Art Therapy in Abused Children.
  • Art for Communities and Families.
  • Art therapy and the creative process.
  • Benefits of art therapy.
  • Art Therapy in Group Setting.
  • Art Therapy in Children and its Effectiveness.
  • Quantitative Research in Art Therapy.
  • The Power of Art Therapy.
  • Techniques Used For Art Therapy.
  • Losing Yourself in Art.
  • Art Therapy Resources.
  • Art Therapy Activities.
  • Art therapy and mental Health.
  • Art Therapy Activities.

5. Art Debate Topics

  • Should abstract be considered a type of art?
  • Should art be recognized more academically.
  • Should kids draw horror art?
  • The purpose of art.
  • Is it possible to appreciate art without liking it?
  • Should art be recognized more academically.
  • Art vs Design.
  • How important is art for children's education?
  • How art affects and reflects the world.
  • Is Art Really Necessary Anymore?

6. Art Persuasive Speech Topics

  • Do some pets pose a danger to the community?

  • Is battery farming ethical?
  • Why should art classes be enforced in all public schools?
  • How one can get benefit from having a pet?
  • What makes a dog a perfect pet?
  • How are dolphins important to the environment?
  • Reasons why you should not raise wild animals as pets
  • What we lose when animals go extinct.

7. Art Topics On Different Cultures

  1. How has pop art influenced the American culture?
  2. Styles and material used in Japanese calligraphy.
  3. How does henna pattern differ in the Middle East, India and Africa?
  4. Asian tribes: their fashion and textile.
  5. Maori culture: war dance haka.
  6. Bollywood and the Hindi film industry.

7.1 Art Topics On Ancient Civilization

  1. Influence of science on Ancient Greek sculptures
  2. Explain the main reasons for the shift in Roman artistic style in the 4th century.
  3. The Great Wall of China and its construction.
  4. Women and politics in Ancient Rome.
  5. Female representation in Ancient Art.
  6. Art and architecture in Ancient Times.
  7. The story behind the art and architecture of Ancient Rome.
  8. Describe the Ancient Greek literature and theater.

8. Art Research Paper Topics

  1. Gothic and Neo-Gothic.
  2. Comparison of Nazi and Soviet art.
  3. Can abstract art be decoded?
  4. The art of disgusting.
  5. Bauhaus movement.
  6. Surrealist movement.
  7. Photography as art.

9. Miscellaneous Fine Art Topics

  1. Contemporary artists, you like and why?

  2. What is your opinion on true art: what is it?
  3. If you are an artist, how would you explain your kind of art to others?
  4. Does life and nature influence art?
  5. What are your views on art therapy?
  6. Difference between a French and American artist.

9.1 Modern Art Topics

  1. The abstract expressionism movement.
  2. Pablo Picasso founder of cubism.
  3. Impressionism Vs. Cubism.
  4. Development of American pop Art.
  5. Is contemporary art merely a way for greedy capitalists to make money?
  6. Political cartoons as an art form.

9.2 Art History Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Picasso's blue and rose periods: similarities and differences.
  2. Baroque and Rococo design styles: compare and analyze.
  3. Traditional vs. Modern Caribbean music.
  4. Renaissance vs. Baroque Epoch
  5. What are the main differences between Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci?

9.3 Art Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The most significant piece of art of the 20th century and why?
  2. Graffiti art or vandalism?
  3. Banksy artist or vandal?
  4. Photography as art.
  5. What contributed in making Paris a center of art in the 20th century?
  6. Why do we need art in our lives?
  7. Why is TV becoming obsolete?

9.4 Cause and Effect Essay Topics On Art

  1. Did iconoclasm affect Muslim art and how?
  2. Causes of the decline of art in Medieval Europe?
  3. How has the cultural revolution influenced Chinese art?
  4. The invention of the printing press changed the status of the mass media. Examples must be provided to support your position
  5. Raphael's influence on the art of the Renaissance.

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