Accounting Research Proposal: 20 Essay Topics to Disclose

  1. Can Accounting Software Help Reduce Cost?
  2. How Accounting Software Improve Productivity
  3. Can Financial Accounting Reduce Risk Management?
  4. A Research on How Financial Accounting is Transforming
  5. The Impact of Auditing on the Financial Position of a Business
  6. What is Causing Financial Instability among Giant Businesses?
  7. The Impact of Increasing Number of Accounting Graduates in the World
  8. A Study on How Long Term Debts Affect an Organisation
  9. Can a Balance Sheet Give a Company’s Financial Standing?
  10.  Is Computerized Accounting Better Than Manual Accounting?
  11.  Why Should an Organization Have a Separate Finance Department?
  12.  How Would Financial Statements Look Like Without Accounting Standards?
  13.  How are Accountants Creating Their Names in the Accounting firm
  14.  Is Financial Reporting Critical to Ensure Customer’s Confidence?
  15.  Is there a Need to Change Accounting Standards With Evolving Technology?
  16.  Why Companies Lie in Accounting Books
  17.  Are Current Accounting Standards the Ideal Standards?
  18.  Why is There a Need For Regulation in Financial Reporting?
  19.  Should Companies Keep Their Financial Instruments Safe?
  20.  Is Accounting Only For Big Businesses?

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