50 Anthropology Topics

10 Cultural Anthropology Essay Topics

  1. How has globalization impacted general human culture?

  2. Voodooism transcending Haiti into the Caribbean culture.
  3. City living forever changing ancestral living in African societies.
  4. Has the Chinese socialist order been altered in the face of globalization?
  5. Cultural anthropological perspectives in ancient studies.
  6. Accurate depiction of Nordic culture in the movie franchise ‘Thor’.
  7. A comparison of white evangelism and white nationalism in the US far right.
  8. The Sentinel tribe: measures of ethnography without actual physical contact.
  9. Development of behavioral modernity in the Paleolithic era.
  10. How much of Islam derives from Arabic culture?

10 Medical Anthropology Research Topics

  1. The placebo effect and causation healing.
  2. Modernity and the distribution of risk.
  3. Effects of new medical technologies on global health.
  4. Bioethics in 19th century Europe.
  5. Specialization of health systems in the US and Europe and the impact on their respective health systems.
  6. Female Genital Mutilation and its impact on sexual and reproductive health.
  7. Globally integrated approaches to medical crises.
  8. Impacts of Western medicine on Chinese remedies.
  9. The interface of macro and micro environments affecting health.
  10. How does culture shape our ideas of wellness and health?

10 Physical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Early primate and hominid evolution.
  2. Co-evolution of language and the human brain.
  3. Cremation in societies a weak point in establishing bone morphology.
  4. Shifting of skeletal biology analysis from analysis of biological variation to health and diet investigations.
  5. Forensic anthropology and its legal implications.
  6. The role of physical anthropology in the repatriation of Native American Indians.
  7. Combination of neurology, psychology, and primatology in data reviews of child growth and development.
  8. Racial deviancy in the Khmer society through Mollison’s deviation curves.
  9. Measuring stress as a means of physiological disruption.
  10. Study of Apamean graves in Turkey through physical anthropology.

10 Forensic Anthropology Research Topics

  1. Forensic anthropology applied to crime scene investigation of mass graves.
  2. Are DNA investigation techniques undermining the development of classical forensic anthropology?
  3. The Daubert criteria as applied in courtrooms to provide forensic testimony.
  4. Age-at-death estimations: new techniques in forensic anthropology
  5. Studying the history of mass atrocities in Somalia.
  6. Quantifying the strength of an osteological identification.
  7. DXA forensic human identification: analysis of femur.
  8. The impact of forensic anthropology with a proposed attrition model.
  9. Postcranial elements versus skull: sex estimation techniques.
  10. Data validation of osteometric methods.

10 Biological Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Allostatic load indices in (ALIs): how stressors influence health and well-being.
  2. Considerations of multivariate analysis in biological anthropology.
  3. C Haddon’s metaphors on anthropology.
  4. Biological distance analysis in skeletal studies.
  5. Species and integration in biological boundaries.
  6. Biological structuralism and reclaiming theological anthropology.
  7. Ethics in excavating human remains.
  8. Population differences in heritable adaptation to ecological factors.
  9. Interpreting behavior from fossil remains.
  10. Butchery and carcass dismemberment to interpret and assess cut marks on human remains.

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