50 Anthropology Research Paper Topics

Top Ten Physical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Eugenics — its merits and demerits in the 21st-century world.
  2. Human Origin: Comparing the creationist versus evolutionist views on the origin of man.
  3. Ancient Egypt: The preservation of their dead and underlying beliefs.
  4. Homo habilis: Investigating Contemporary facts supporting their past existence.
  5. Drowning: Clarifying the cause of drowning by examining the physical and anatomical evidence.
  6. Smoking and its effects on the physical appearance of humans over decades of indulgence.
  7. Physical labor: Exploring its long-term impact on the physical appearance of humans.
  8. The relationship of Kyphosis with human senescence.
  9. Aging in Western Culture.
  10. Skin color: Exploring the influence of the environment on human skin color across continents.

Top Ten Medical Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Applying the Concepts of Ethnozoology in medicine.
  2. Critically Assessing the fundamental posits of critical medical anthropology (CMA).
  3. The 2014 Ebola virus outbreak in Africa: Evaluating the success of control interventions.
  4. Exploring the applications of Ethnobotany in medicine.
  5. Nuclear disaster: A research into the life of survivors of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986.
  6. HIV/AIDS: The reasons for prevalent societal infamy and the way forward.
  7. HIV/AIDS epidemic in Europe: Exploring the roles of commercial sex workers in the spread of the disease.
  8. Alternative medicine in China: A comparative review of its weaknesses and possible strengths in the light of Orthodox medicine.
  9. HIV/AIDS in Africa: A critical assessment of extensively troubled nations and populations.
  10. Depression in South-East Asia: Sheer social noise or severe threat?

Top Ten Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Homosexuality: Investigating the influence of the social and cultural landscape on societal attitudes towards homosexuals in Africa.
  2. Homelessness in India: Assessing possible causes and solutions.
  3. Exploring the origin and effect of anti-Semitism in the modern world.
  4. Why racism still exists in contemporary times and the group of people most affected by it.
  5. Gay marriage in Africa: A look into the influence of social and cultural backgrounds on its acceptability.
  6. Burial Practices: A glimpse into the impact of religion on how people bury their dead.
  7. Sexual Discrimination: Its evolution in modern times.
  8. Superstition in Africa: Investigating the influence of religious beliefs among African cultures.
  9. Africa: The changing role of women in recent times.
  10. Forced child nuptials in Northern Nigeria: The underlying influence of religious beliefs on its prevalence.

Top Ten Biological Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Alcoholism: Looking into the socio-economic and cultural history in Eastern Europe.
  2. Assessing the effects of radioactivity on populations affected by the nuclear disaster of 2011 in Fukushima Daiichi.
  3. Gay marriage: Exploring the biological aspects of same-sex weddings in North America.
  4. Minamata disease: A critical look into the origin, populations affected, and transgenerational impact of this disease on Japan.
  5. Asthma disease in Yokkaichi: A critical look into the cause, people affected, and transgenerational effect on Japan.
  6. Itai-Itai disease: A critical look into the cause, populations affected, and transgenerational effect on Japan.
  7. Nuclear bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki: An investigation of the transgenerational effects on the health of affected victims to this present time.
  8. Cocaine use in America: A critical look into the health impact on American cocaine users.
  9. Making Marijuana use legal in America: Possible woes and beneficial outcomes.
  10. Cystic fibrosis: Justifications for its preponderance in white populations in America.

Top Ten Forensic Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Radioactive Carbon dating: A critical assessment of the accuracy of this dating technique.
  2. Human Origin: Pieces of evidential support for Creationist and Evolutionist views on the origin of man.
  3. Assessing the accuracy of DNA evidence testing and matching on criminology.
  4. Neanderthals: Exploring environmental influences and migratory paths on their survival and appearance.
  5. Dating Techniques: A critical review of current archaeological dating techniques.
  6. Ancient Egypt Mummification: A critical look at the effectiveness of the methods used.
  7. Nuclear disaster: A research into the impact of radioactivity on life forms due to the atomic catastrophe Chernobyl in 1986.
  8. A critical look into recent evidence supporting the existence of Homo habilis in the past.
  9. Crime Scene Forensics: Recent advances in the detection of crime.
  10. Postmortem Changes: Investigating the primary agents responsible for biological changes in humans.

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