40 Anthropology Essay Topics

A List of Anthropology Essay Topics

  • The use of anthropology in forensic science
  • Different marriage rituals in different cultures around the world
  • The evolution of the human being
  • Anthropology and native cultures of the Americas
  • Literature and human development
  • The rise of terrorism
  • Influence of anthropology on art
  • Cultures and the belief of the supernatural
  • Impact of social media on different cultures around the world
  • Anthropology and genetic engineering

Examples of Cultural Anthropology Essay Topics to Use

  • The definition of cultures
  • Beliefs in the supernatural in different cultures
  • How different cultures view death
  • Death rituals around the world
  • Cultures and their marriage rituals
  • Chaste systems and social ranks in societies
  • Role of ancestors
  • Clothing designs of different cultures around the globe
  • How different cultures view body modification
  • Study of the ancient Roman culture

Anthropology Topics Examples on Evolution

  • The evolution of human intelligence
  • The evolution of the human eye
  • Sexual selection in human beings
  • The red queen hypothesis
  • The human brain compared to that of other creatures
  • Chromosomal change and development of plants
  • Evolution in birds
  • Climate change and its impact on the evolution of different creatures on the planet
  • What are the earliest life forms ever to exist on earth
  • Natural selection as it occurs in the animal kingdom

10 Rituals Anthropology Essay Topics

  • Efficacy
  • Magic and science
  • Myths and rites
  • Different marriage rituals around the world
  • Ritual on childbirth around the globe
  • Death rituals in different parts of the world
  • History of rituals in different cultures around the world
  • The purpose of rituals in human society
  • The connection between myths and religion
  • The relationship between ritual, myths and the faith in different societies

Unique Anthropology Essay Ideas

  • Different societies gift-giving customs
  • Agricultural practices around the world
  • Polygamy in different societies
  • Rituals
  • Folklore
  • Traditional healing practices
  • Roles given to different genders in societies
  • Religious beliefs and practices
  • Clothing and other design-related customs
  • Social networks within different societies

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