Nursing research assignment help

Nursing research assignment help

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What is nursing research and how does it relate to nursing practice?

Nursing research is the body of work representing nursing knowledge. It can include:

1. quantitative studies (numbers and statistics)

2. qualitative studies (personal stories, observations)

3. systematic reviews (nurse-conducted literature reviews that attempt to identify the most relevant articles on a topic).

All nursing research supports or challenges existing nursing thought or theory. For example, if researchers find that giving women with heart failure ACE inhibitors will reduce symptoms of fluid retention without an increase in symptoms related to low blood pressure; this study would support current nursing practice guidelines which recommend these drugs as a first-line medication for this condition. However, if nursing research instead found that women who take ACE inhibitors were at a greater risk for kidney damage and hospitalization, nursing thought would shift away from commonly recommending these drugs as a first-line treatment.

As nursing professionals, we rely on nursing research to support our nursing practice. While the type of nursing research necessary to practice safely can vary by nursing specialty, all registered nurses maintain an awareness of new nursing studies so they can adapt their practices accordingly. Many factors go into deciding how much weight should be given to any one nursing study, including the source of funding (e.g., industry or non-profit), size of study population, statistical significance, rigor of methodology etc. One factor that is often considered the most important is whether other similar studies have been published and how consistent the nursing study findings are in comparison to that nursing research.

Nursing research can be used to:

1. answer a question

2. test a hypothesis

3. develop nursing theory

4. compare nursing interventions (e.g., what works best?)

5. explore new areas of nursing practice

6. spread existing nursing practice guidelines (ostensibly, if all nurses know about the evidence supporting best nursing practices such as handwashing, we will all be more likely to adhere).

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