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What is Java?

Java is a simple language with complex features which makes it both easy to understand and widely used. Java was first made at Sun Microsystems in the early 1990s. The designers wanted a language that could run on any computer (platform) without problems or errors due to differences between systems such as memory locations. With other languages of the time this wasn't always possible but since its release Java's popularity has been enormous. A large part of this success has come from the fact that programmers don't need to worry about how their program will work on other computers, java does that for them. Java is used by millions of people all over the world to develop computer software, especially in large companies where it's important to reduce bugs. The java language is an object oriented language (see next paragraph) which means that java uses objects; basic units of code containing data and programmed actions. This makes java very easy to understand even for beginners since they'll already be familiar with many aspects of the language from using real-life objects every day.

Java is also a platform independent programming language which means that java files (.java files) can run on any type or brand of computer without changing their contents! So long as your java compiler works and you have permission then anyone can download java programs from anywhere on the internet and run them straight away!

What is Object Oriented Programming? I n a java assignment help, java is an object oriented language which means that java uses objects; basic units of code containing data and programmed actions. In java you normally create a class to start with which could be used to represent real-life things such as people, plants or animals. You then tell java what sort of data each type of object has (i.e age, weight etc) using variables and what functions (or actions) it can carry out using methods. For example, you might have an Animal class with an eat () method that would make all animals (instances of the Animal class) able to eat stuff when given something edible by their owner. java then uses these methods during java assignment help to make your programs do what you want them to.

What makes java so special? java is the most used programming language in the world with almost 5 billion java enabled devices already! It's been created especially for the internet and java assignment help has made it more user-friendly than other programming languages of its time such as C which was invented for computers that didn't have windows. java can also be adapted for use on any type or brand of computer without changing its contents, something which programmers cannot do using most other types of programming language (called 'platform dependent'). This means that java files (.java files) from anywhere on the internet can be downloaded and run straight away by anyone who happens to find them, simply by java software being installed on their computer! java has been designed for the future and uses java assignment help to make java a safer language whilst still allowing professional programmers to use java as they like. So overall java is an easy to understand programming language that works everywhere!

What are java applications? java programs normally run together with a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox which you may have on your own personal computer. You can access java files (most often found with a .java extension) using your web browser and then run them without needing java technical knowledge in order to do so. This means you no longer need to know how computers work inside in order to program them which is good news for beginners at java assignment help. java programs can also be downloaded and used as stand-alone java applications (called .exe java files) from anywhere, so long as java is installed on the computer you want to use it on. java has been designed with this in mind since it’s a platform independent programming language.

What does java look like? java looks a lot like English; one of the reasons why java is easy for beginners at java assignment help. One line of code could say something such as "Ask user for their name" while another might say "Print 'Hello Joe'". These two lines together make an English sentence that users can understand easily which will tell your program what to do first (ask the user for their name) and then print out some results (in this case 'Hello Joe'). java must always end in a semicolon, something which all programming languages use to show java assignment help that the line of code has finished. This line is called a statement and java statements can be very long sometimes which is why java programmers normally indent (or press the tab key) every time they start a new java statement for readability purposes.

Java programs are usually split into two parts; header comments and java code. Header comments are used by java developers to describe what their program does or what it's supposed to do since you cannot always tell from looking at java source code alone. On the other hand, java code tells java exactly what your program is supposed to do using commands that users can understand easily. java programmers can use java commands to make java assignment help do anything from asking users for input, to doing some calculations. java commands are written in lowercase letters and do not start with a line number as they are often wrapped by their own java statements. What is java source code? java source code (or java program files) are simply plain text files containing java statements that tell java what your program is supposed to do using keywords which makes it easy for beginners at java assignment help. When programming on your own computer each .java file must have a header comment (called the package statement) which tells java the name of your package including its author or organization (if any).

A package statement is written with the same rules as an import statement and always starts with the java package keyword. java source code must also have an import java statement so that java can find all the java classes used in your program (in case you've forgotten to download them from java). All java packages or java classes must be located inside a directory which follows java's naming conventions for directories to identify whether they contain java classes or not as mentioned above. A directory is simply a pointer that tells java what files are contained within it e.g., if I were to create a directory named com on my computer then Java would know this held some of its packages such as sun, javax etc... If however I created a directory called c:\com then Java would know this held no java package and was therefore just for general java program files. java source code is split into two java classes which java programmers create using the java package and java class keywords respectively. java programs are always made up of at least one java class which can then be used in other java applications (so long as they call this java class) or held inside a directory to make it easy for java to find them all automatically, since directories are just packages that contain sub-packages etc.

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